Oak “Prosthesis legs” table

Photo credit: Tijana Radenković

Wooden clothes stand

Minimalist clothes holder for those who are not staying too long. Disassembled in seconds.

Photo credit: Tijana Radenković

Wooden bed with metal details

Bed was made as a wedding gift.

Photo credit: Tijana Radenković

Shower lamp

This product will bring to your spaces unique light and atmosphere. Main form is made from oak wood in combination with copper and concrete as sensitive and strong details.

Photo credit: Tijana Radenković

Leaf Academy, Bratislava
Wooden tables with fabric folder

Can finally school tables be a little more interesting please?
Hope they are!

HB Reavis, Bratislava
Wooden tables with metal base

Office tables not just for the office. In duo with paravans, they are creating perfect co-working project space.

Photo credit: Radovan

Chair for two

Chair Bench for two who just got married!

HB Reavis, Bratislava
Wooden hanger

Inspired by industrial space Bottova street.

Wooden chair

Conceptual experiment with material. Referring to a status of fast produced furniture of nowadays.

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